How To Make Fizzing Toilet Cleaning Bombs?

Cleaning the toilet – one of the most hated cleaning chores. I know that people definitely don’t look forward to cleaning their toilets which is why I wanted to share how I make these amazing fizzing cleaning bombs that you can throw in your toilet and let them do all the work. That way, you won’t have to scrub and clean for hours – you just let them do everything for you!

How To Make Them?

You need a few ingredients – baking soda, citric acid, vinegar, and your favourite essential oil. I suggest you use tea tree or lavender essential oils because they have antibacterial properties.

Mix 2 parts of baking soda with 1 part citric acid. I usually mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with 1/4 cup of citric acid. Next, I add a few drops of my lavender essential oil so these bombs can smell amazing.

Spray the mixture with vinegar (one spray is enough!). I recommend you mix all ingredients with your hands. Next, form small balls with the mixture and place them on a tray covered in wax paper so they can dry. I usually leave them overnight but sometimes they will need 24 hours depending on the brand of citric acid you used.

Once they have completely dried, transfer them to a mason jar where I store them.