How To Remove Stains Out Of Your Car Seats?

Stain removal is pretty common because we all struggle with stains… however, the most popular stain removal methods will work on your upholstery but rarely on your car seats.

This is why I think that it is important for me to tell you all my secrets when it comes to removing stains out of car seats because, trust me, I am a pro at this point! As bad as it sounds – I tend to eat in my car especially when I am in a hurry to go somewhere and I also have a 1-year-old who is always making a mess on the backseat.

Here Is How To Remove Stains Our Of Your Car Seats

Start with vacuuming the car seats so that you can remove any pet hair, crumbs, dirt, dust, and impurities. That way you will be able to remove the stain easier because you will have a clean surface.

Then it’s time for the stain removal. I normally make my own cleaners using different natural ingredients. I do not believe in commercial cleaners or stain removers – and I also think that they are a waste of money!

Instead, I mix two cups of water, a cup of vinegar, and a tablespoon of liquid soap in a spray bottle. Then I spray the affected area with my homemade cleaner and continue with blotting using a microfiber cloth.

Now, if the stain is stubborn and you can’t seem to remove it do the following:

– If the seats are leather/ vinyl dab a bit of toothpaste on the stain then scrub with a toothbrush.

– If the seats are fabric then mix some baking soda with a bit of warm water (create a paste), apply it on a toothbrush and scrub.

When you are done make sure you remove the product with a damp cloth.